Watch a Fox Business Reporter Surprise His 91-Year-Old Mom Who Rode Out Hurricane at Home


Last week, we posted about Fox Business Reporter Jeff Flock coincidentally running into his daughter while both were on a flooded street in Houston covering Hurricane Harvey. Tuesday, Flock produced another family moment on live television — one which was somewhat less spontaneous, but every bit as heartfelt.

Flock made his way to Englewood, FL to check in on his 91-year-old mother after Hurricane Irma live during Tuesday’s edition of Varney & Co..

“I’m not sure how this is going to go, knowing my mother, all bets are off,” Flock said. He added, “I hope she’s not in her underwear.”

Flock’s mother was sitting on her porch. She gave her son a hug when he arrived, and appeared stunned to learn she was on live air.

Flock: “You know we’re on television right now.”

Flock’s mother: “Oh no. Oh for heavens sakes. When were you going to tell me that?”

Flock: “Well I’m telling you right now so there you go!”

Flock’s mother: “Oh my goodness!”

Flock’s mother proceeded to give her son and the Fox Business audience a tour of her home — which appeared largely undamaged. Flock said his mother rode out the storm in her bathtub. He also noted that she’d been without power for days.

As Flock brought the segment to a close, he asked his mother if she likes Stuart Varney — who was manning the anchor desk at that moment. She did not opine on Varney, but did have a thought about another Fox Business personality.

“I don’t like Lou Dobbs,” she deadpanned — causing Flock and Varney to laugh.

“I knew we stayed too long,” Flock said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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