Watch Alex Jones Get Soaked in Coffee as He Yells at Pedestrians in Seattle


Alex Jones took to the streets of Seattle Friday morning to Periscope himself yelling at pedestrians — until one man soaked him with an entire thermos of coffee.

The 14-minute video starts with Jones ranting on a gray Seattle sidewalk about USA Today’s coverage of Thursday’s terror attacks in Barcelona, Spain.

But before long, pedestrians noticed the portly man with his trademark gruff, and one young passerby flipped Jones off. This triggered a boiling rage in the YouTube conspiracist, who chased the pedestrian across the street, as the young man continued to taunt him.

The two exchanged a couple of “fuck yous,” before Jones abandoned his efforts to “expose” the pedestrian and walked away. He then approached another man on a bench, telling him “they’re trying to plunge the stock market, flood us with jihadis, we’re trying to get our country back.”

Then Jones moved on, telling the camera “that’s all these people got is fuck you, well you know what? Fuck you!”

“These people are the biggest cucks on the planet,” Jones continued, until another young passerby, armed with a thermos, shouted “you’re trash!”

That slight kicked off the InfoWarrior’s next showdown on the streets of Seattle — but this one would prove messier.

Jones began charging at the Thermos Man, shouting “come here coward!”

“Tell people intellectually who you are,” Jones demanded, pointing the camera at the stranger.

“I’m your momma,” Thermos Man quipped.

And then, after Jones called him a “slave of the system,” the man discharged his thermos, dousing Jones with what appeared to be coffee.

“See that? That’s who they are!” a soaked Jones exclaimed. “This is the brainwashing.”

Jones posted the full Periscope on his Twitter, along with a caption claiming he was attacked with “scalding coffee in Tolerant Seattle”:

Paul Joseph Watson, Jones’ British sidekick and self-professed book-eater, also took to Twitter to express his outrage with the attack, claiming his boss at InfoWars was struck with “boiling coffee.” Though, if one takes a closer look at the video and Jones’ reaction, it doesn’t seem like the coffee was particularly hot. That, or a steady diet of InfoWars supplements has fried Alex Jones’ sensory nerves.

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