Watch Bernie Sanders Get Caught Off-Guard By Audience Member’s Response in CNN Debate

Tonight brought us the much-anticipated(?) CNN debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on the GOP tax proposal. And, as expected, the two former presidential candidates found little common ground, with Cruz stating that taxes need to be cut across the board and Sanders declaring that millionaires and billionaires should see tax increases.

Early on in the event, when an audience member was given a chance to ask the two lawmakers a question, it appeared Sanders was not quite ready for the man’s response when he shot a question back at him. John Conrad, a Trump-supporting president of a trucking supply company, wanted to know why Sanders “would not want a tax cut across the board for all Americans.”

The Vermont lawmaker explained that he does want a “tax cut for the middle class and working families” but noted that he will not support “tax breaks for billionaires.” He then turned to Trump’s support for repealing the estate tax and said that the only people who will benefit from it are extremely wealthy, such as the Walton and the Kochs.

“Do you really believe the wealthiest family in America should get a tax break of up to $50 billion, that the Koch brothers should get a tax break of $30 billion? You think that makes sense?” Sanders asked Conrad.

“I did say all Americans,” the trucking executive shot back.

“Well, do you think the wealthy should not get tax breaks?” Sanders tried again, clearly caught off-guard.

“I did say all Americans,” Conrad repeated.

Well, I happen not to believe that the Koch brothers need a tax break,” Sanders replied in a somewhat disappointed tone.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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