Watch Boxing Analyst Teddy Atlas Have a Full-On Conniption After Controversial Decision


ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas — never a shy sort to begin with — has upped his rant game in recent months. (We’ve posted about several of his most memorable.)

But the former trainer might have hit a new high early Sunday morning — as he was on air live shortly after a controversial decision was announced in Las Vegas. Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fought to a split draw, with one judge — Adalaide Byrd — scoring a contest that was universally viewed to be close 10 rounds to two in favor of Alvarez.

Atlas has simply had it with boxing judges. And he let it rip in a classic rant which built to a remarkable crescendo.

The sport is a great sport. It’s the greatest sport of all. It’s the only sport — this life, this world can be unfair, ok. Sometimes we make too many excuses, we do and we try to play ourselves as victims and we’re not victims in this beautiful country. We can be anything we want to be. But sometimes even with that, life is unfair.

This is the sport — the one sport — where on any given night, a kid from anywhere, from dirt floors to where he was from a country that he didn’t have the rights, he didn’t have money, he had nothing but poverty, he didn’t have parents, he didn’t have ANYTHING. But he had it in his chest, in his heart to work hard to get in that ring to be ready, to be trained and on ONE GIVEN NIGHT he can have his hand raised and be called champion of the world and MAKE LIFE FAIR. Make the world FAIR. That’s the only sport that can do that.

This sport is beautiful! But the administrators of this sport, THEY STINK!

The transcript just does not do this justice. It has to be watched, and watched again.

Watch above, via ESPN News.

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