WATCH: Girl in After-Dentist Haze Pranked into Thinking There’s a Zombie Outbreak


Do you love pranks? Do you love zombies? Great! We here at Mediaite appreciate both of those things as well, and a new video going around might be the best of both worlds.

Cabot and Barrett Phillips decided to film a video of their sister Millicent, to capture her medicated ramblings after getting her wisdom teeth extracted. This was never meant to be an ordinary video though. The brothers knew that she’d be on a drug high for a while, so they set up an elaborate prank to convince her that last week was the start of the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

A fake message from the Center for Disease Control and a call from their mother had Millicent becoming increasingly worried as they drove back to their house. After letting things sink in, the poor girl gets more and more frustrated as her brother loads up the car without giving her anything to defend herself.

“We have guns! Why are you putting garden equipment in the car?” she asks. Her reactions get even better when she’s asked to pick which of her pets gets to live, and whether her Spanish is fluent enough for them to seek refuge in Mexico.

“She’s no pushover and does her fair share of pranking her older brothers, so she understood that we couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this,” Phillips said, according to USA Today. “She took it in stride and just wanted to sleep once she realized that she wasn’t going to be eaten by any zombies.”

The video was only posted yesterday, but it’s already got almost a million views. This could very well be the next David After Dentist.

Watch the hilarity in the video above, via Cabot Phillip’s YouTube account.

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