WATCH: Hillary Mocks Kavanaugh’s Charge That His Misconduct Claims are Clinton Revenge

Hillary Clinton was amused on Tuesday at the idea that Brett Kavanaugh is holding her partially responsible for the ongoing political firestorm swirling around him.

When Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, he argued that the sexual misconduct allegations against him were part of a “calculated” revenge plot by the Clintons and his opponents to undermine him.

The 2016 presidential candidate was asked about Kavanaugh’s charge today at The Atlantic Festival. Clinton laughed and mocked the claim.

“It deserves a lot of laughter,” she said. “I thought it was just part of the whole of his very defensive and unconvincing presentation.”

Clinton also remarked that “they give us a lot of credit” for thinking she could’ve planned Kavanaugh’s potential demise over 30 years in advance. She also used her time to say that Christine Blasey Ford appeared “credible” and “convincing” with her testimony, while Kavanaugh was “quite out of bounds.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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