WATCH: Man Gets Entangled in Drive-Thru Car Washing Machine

Nothing to see here folks, other than one unlucky car wash employee getting twisted and tied up in the drive-thru car washing machine. Literally, that’s all that happens in this 18-second video. Life’s deepest pleasures are simple.

Little is known about this video, apart from the fact that it appears that this individual was hosing down a car wash interior when his hose became entangled in the giant rotating brush thingey, the technical term of which is “giant rotating brush thingey.”

There is something undeniably hilarious about watching someone spinning around in uninterrupted circles on one of these things. At one point, the attendant’s shoes gets knocked off; poor guy! Hopefully, he got to go home after that—to me he looked pretty exhausted after the unplanned ride. If not that, ideally he got a break and a fresh pair of clothes.

[Featured Image via Screencap]

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