WATCH: President Trump Signs China’s Intellectual Property Laws Memorandum LIVE STREAM


President Donald Trump is set to take a vacation from his vacation and return to Washington D.C. Monday to sign an executive memo asking the United States Trade Representative to investigate thefts from American technology and defense companies by China.

The White House says the memorandum will address China’s laws, policies, practices, and actions related to intellectual property, innovation, and technology.

Things will begin at 3:00 p.m. EST.

According to the New York Times, the investigation will look into China for allegedly stealing intellectual property from American businesses without alienating Beijing in the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. “The request for an investigation will focus on Beijing’s practices of coercing American companies doing business in China to partner with local firms, which require them to turn over proprietary technological secrets as part of what American officials described as a coordinated effort to steal intellectual property.”

Chinese officials have denied the theft claims, but Trump is still set to start what could be a year long investigation. The Washington Post speculated that the investigation could be “a source of leverage to push China to do more to help contain a rising security threat from North Korea, which counts Beijing as its only powerful ally.”

This memorandum was announced following a phone call with Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which the two talked about how they plan to deal with North Korea. The statement also said the “relationship between the two Presidents is an extremely close one.

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