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WATCH: Random Kid Tells InfoWars Interviewer ‘You’re a F*cking Idiot’

There should be some measure of the enjoyability of a viral video to how long they last. Let’s call it G/TSV™, or Glee over Time Spent Viewing, and the G/TSV in this video very high.

I don’t know much about the context of this video, and I don’t care enough to research it (sue me.) But an individual holding a mic with an InfoWars mic cube approaches what appears to be a betiedyed girl and asks ‘how are you young man?” The subject’s reply is revealed in the headline, but I will write it again here. “You’re a fucking idiot.”

Is this subject dismissing the interviewer because he was unable to properly identify his or her gender? Is the subject commenting on the sort of content that InfoWars puts out, such as sounding the alarm on talking humanoids that are 80% gorilla, 80% pig (that’s a real story.) Or is the subject just a disenfranchised rebel who doesn’t like a mic and camera shoved into his or her face? All these questions remain unanswered, and yet somehow make the video fun to watch over and over again!

There is a coda to the video that I won’t reveal here in words that you are not likely reading, but it serves as a lovely “digestif” to the video.

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