Watch Tucker Carlson and Rob Reiner Have a Passive-Aggressive Contest in Tense Russia Debate


Film director Rob Reiner has been making the media rounds this week promoting his newly launched committee to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election. And that tour included an unlikely stop Thursday: Tucker Carlson Tonight.

In what was a tense standoff, Reiner and host Tucker Carlson battled over Russia — with Carlson arguing that Reiner was being hypocritical for focusing on Russia and not China, and Reiner countering by saying that China has not directly meddled in U.S. elections.

The chat amounted to a passive-aggressive contest between the two — a contest which would seem to be right up Carlson’s alley. The most notable exchange came at approximately the five-minute mark.

Carlson: You guys in Hollywood sell your movies in China. You bow to the imperatives of their propaganda and censorship office. You change your movies to suit them. And yet no one says we are at war with China.

So you are sucking up to this regime that has actually broken in installing industrial and military secrets that have hurt this country. You say nothing until Hillary Clinton loses, and now, all of a sudden, we’re at war with Russia. Can you see why some of us are saying, “Wait a second, Rob Reiner. We are at war with China. Why are you selling your movies over there?”

Reiner: I’m not giving China a free pass here.

Carlson: Of course you are. You guys in Hollywood sell your movies there, and you allow their censorship office to change your movies in order to make money.

Reiner: Yeah, well. I don’t personally do that.

“Come on!” Carlson said to wrap up the exchange. “Everybody who sells a movie in China does that. You know that! Let’s stop…kind of bs’ing a little bit. I mean, that’s real, right?”

“Yeah,” a visibly peeved Reiner muttered under his breath.

The passive-aggressiveness here is not to be missed. Watch above, via Fox News.

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