Watch U.S. Aid Worker Dodge ISIS Bullets To Save Small Child: ‘It Makes Me Want to Cry’

As the war against ISIS rages on, an American aid worker recently managed to rescue a young girl who was caught in the crossfire of a battlefield.

David Eubank is a former Green Beret who founded the Free Burma Rangers humanitarian group, and he recently joined American and Iraqi forces as they engaged ISIS snipers during a firefight in Mosul. During the battle, Eubank noticed a girl who was cowering next to the body of her dead mother, and he made an effort to rescue her from the front lines.

U.S. and Iraqi forces helped Eubank by laying down suppressive fire, and he successfully ran out and brought the girl to safety. The girl’s family is presumed dead, but CBS states she will be adopted by the Iraqi general leading the national forces involved in the rescue operation.

“It makes me want to cry every time I see the picture because I think she made it, she made it,” Eubank said.

Watch above, via CBS.

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