Weed-Toting Drone Crashes Outside SC Prison

Back in April, authorities at a maximum security prison in South Carolina discovered that a drone had crash-landed outside its perimeters, and it was carrying all sorts of goodies: marijuana, tobacco, cellphones, and did we mention marijuana?

Today, officials at the Lee Correctional Institute announced the arrest of one man involved in the drone run, and are actively looking for a second man filmed at a convenience store buying some of the items found on the drone mule. Complicating things is the fact that the drone is “capable of flying long distances,” though they declined to name the type of drone the perps used. “As technology gets more advanced, we have to find more advanced ways to fight that,” a spokeswoman told ABC.

While drones smuggling contraband into prisons is rare, it’s not new: Vice found at least four instances of drone-prison incidents, most of them in Canada.

[ABC News]
[Image via Shutterstock]

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