Western-Themed Herman Cain Ad Asks ‘Why’s It Always Gotta Be About Color?’

Do you miss those bygone days when a horse was really a horse, and dudes rode the rugged range carrying bouquets? Herman Cain knows how you feel.

This Western-cum-campaign ad from CTV includes drinking, punching, spitting and the phrase “Cock-a-doodle-doo ma’am.” I don’t really know what this has to do with voting for Cain, but, damn it, I like it.

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Here’s a sampling:

White man without any cool facial hair: Those some purdy flowers you got there, mister.

Black man with cool mustache: Pretty YELLER flowers.

White man with cool mustache: Well I’m glad you like ’em.

B.M.W.C.M: Yup. I bet… That yer as yeller as those flowers right there.

W.M.W.C.M: Why’s it always gotta be about color? What are you guys, liberals?

Too bad they cast the hero as being kind of a douchebag. Are we supposed to listen to what some jerk who drinks cocktails thinks? Did Rick Perry secretly make this ad?

Watch for yourselves:

h/t Boing Boing

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