‘What Are You Talking About?’: Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Democratic Rep. Goes Off the Rails


During tonight’s broadcast of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson got into a combative exchange with a Democratic Congressman surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘s conversations with the Russian ambassador and his comments during his confirmation hearing. (Carlson interviewed Sessions earlier in the evening.)

Speaking with Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), Carlson quickly cornered the Democratic lawmaker on his belief that Sessions should step down as AG over what he feels is perjury. With Cicilline stating that Sessions gave a false statement, Carlson pointed out that the congressman walked out on a censure vote involving then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

This led to the two men to talking over each other, with Carlson insisting “it is true” when Ciclline claimed it wasn’t the case. When it appeared that Cicilline was going to launch into a speech, Carlson said he was going to stop him and “ask very specific questions.”

The Rhode Island rep then began talking about Russian interference in the election and Carlson expressed his skepticism, asking him if he had any proof that the Russian government changed the outcome. When Cicilline highlighted hacking of emails and online blogging, the Fox News pundit turned on the sarcasm.

“Oh, they did online blogging,” he said. “Should that be illegal? What are you talking about?”

This would go on like this for another minute or so, with Carlson ending the interview by telling Cicilline that he wants to know how the Russians were behind Brexit based on the congressman’s insistence that Russia has been pushing far-right nationalism in Europe.

Watch the whole insane exchange above, via Fox News.

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