What Symbiotic Relationship? Trump Tweets ‘Thank You @FoxandFriends. Great Show!’


President Donald Trump reminded the nation of just how copasetic he and his favorite program are, at a time when there is significant focus on what many see as a symbiotic relationship between the White House and Fox News.

The commander in chief showed his appreciation for the pro-Trump morning show Fox & Friends with the Friday morning tweet:

President Trump is well known to respond on Twitter to television programming that he is watching, but he also is known to employ a DVR (or as he has called it, his TIVO) so it is difficult to know which Fox & Friends segment to which he is expressing gratitude.

It could be Brian Kilmeade’s lauding  President Trump for taking “all questions at any time. I will call into shows. He will take wild questions walking in and out of the White House. Sometimes he causes controversy in doing it but is he transparent in answering it.” Or it could have been Pete Hegseth’s interviewing of Vermont Diners, nearly all of whom appear to be significant supporters of the president (what a coincidence?!) There really are so many options.

This sort of back in forth is nothing new, however, it comes at the end of a week where there was a renewed focus on what some see as an unhealthy and symbiotic relationship between the Trump administration and the very favorable coverage he receives on the majority of Fox News programming.

Jane Mayer published a deeply detailed report in The New Yorker on Monday that asked if Fox News has transcended the accepted role of a cable news outlet to become a propaganda arm of the White House. The DNC cited that report as reasoning for excluding Fox News as primary debate partner in the run-up to the 2020 general election.

Trump appeared to be on something of a bad mood regarding the media, at least judging by his tweets that followed:

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