Who Has the Best Twitter Account in Cable News? Jake Tapper


Writing for Mediaite is the best. It involves watching cable news and scrolling through an infinite selection of lists on TweetDeck to find the best stories at the intersection of media and current events. One person has blended those two elements seamlessly. He is an inspiration to everyone at Mediaite and beyond.

That person is intrepid journalist, Peanuts fan, and all-around entertainer Jake Tapper and he has the best Twitter of any news personality. I mean, his bio on the microblogging site includes this:

Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions.

His tweets are just as good. Look!

He interacts with people fearlessly…

…and graciously, depending on the situation:

He keeps us on track by always reminding us when Friday comes around:

He’s also really useful for remembering holidays:

He keeps his followers very grounded:

He has a public rapport with other celebrities:

He has a sense of humor, even — and especially — about serious political issues:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.57.23 PM

Still, he is serious and compassionate when it counts and uses the website for good to prove it:

Twitter greatness isn’t a new thing for Tapper, either. He’s been doing this for a while:

Hopefully, he keeps it up for a long, long time. We will surely need more self-awareness and humor as the current election wears on.

Go to his account and see for yourself. It is brimming with treasures.

[image via Twitter]

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