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WND CEO Takes To Gay Radio To Slam Ann Coulter For ‘HomoConflict’

This story is just begging for some sarcastic ‘strange bedfellows’ remark. Last week World Net Daily made headlines after it announced it was dropping Ann Coulter as the keynote speaker at their “Taking Back America” conference following news that she would be headlining GOProud’s Homocon 2010. WND CEO Joseph Farah expressed ‘concern’ that by appearing she was supporting the idea that “that sodomy is just an alternate lifestyle.”

Ann Coulter responded in typical Coulter fashion by calling Farah variously as “swine” and a “publicity whore” and later called WND “fake Christians.”

Caught up? The latest development, according to the Daily Caller, is that Farah has taken to radio shows hosted by gay personalities to further skewer Coulter. From the DC:

Farah appeared on The Steve Yuhas Show Sunday and then gave an interview to host Michelangelo Signorile on Sirius’ gay themed channel, “OutQ” the next day. Farah told Signorile that he was fed up with the conservative movement, and criticized conservatives for embracing members of the gay community who share beliefs on issues like taxes, health care and the role of government. “This is my beef with conservatism: it’s always losing ground,” Farah told Signorile. “That’s why I don’t consider myself a conservative.”

So Farah is quitting the conservative party (quitting appears to be the new getting a job). But his appearance on gay radio is in no way hypocritical nor similar to Coulter’s appearance at GoProud. Here’s why.

“Talking to homosexuals and engaging them on the issues of the day is one thing. Accepting paid speaking assignments from homosexual activist lobbying groups promoting same-sex marriage, open homosexuality in the U.S. military ranks and hate crimes legislation is quite different,” Farah said in the email. “…I [do not] believe GOProud has a conservative agenda at all on taxes, health care and the role of government. GOProud is, as its chairman has stated, 100 percent about the promotion of a radical, anti-American, anti-freedom homosexual agenda.”

One can only look forward to Coulter’s appropriately sound-bitey (emphasis on bite) response.

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