Yes The Media Hates Donald Trump (and Yes They Lean Left!) But No It’s Not Bias


Donald Trump2Donald Trump has spent an inordinate amount of time as of late blaming the messenger. And by that I mean even more than the usual political media bogeyman stuff. It’s not the women who have accused him of all sorts of impropriety, it’s the media organizations who have vetted the stories, and then had the temerity to publish or air them.

Now Trump has moved his campaign, and all of its baggage, completely into a town called Crazy by claiming some grand conspiracy between “global special interests,” “those who control the levers of power in Washington,” “the media,” “the polls,” “international banks,” etc etc. The system, quite obviously, is “rigged” against him.

Trump’s comments are so paranoid and farcical that any rational-minded person, even those supporting him, have to know its just a desperate effort to change the subject away from a faltering campaign. (It is also rich that, putting aside the arguments that the media created Trump the candidate, Trump himself seemed to use the tabloid media to help sink none other than Ted Cruz.)

Which gets to the primary point here that the media criticism of Trump now, which is pervasive, isn’t about bias. It’s about disdain. It’s about outright disgust. The media, left and right, join together in despising what Donald Trump is advocating with regard to the media itself. It is hard to have anything but spite for someone claiming, with great fervor and passion, that you are a corrupt liar and the cornerstone of some invented conspiracy, and that the Constitution and law should be altered to better target you.

Not surprisingly, just about every media critic and pundit has gone after Trump and/or his surrogates for his regular attacks on the verisimilitude of the media and his preposterous allegations of a rigged election.

The reason many of those critiques may lack some bite or impact, however, is that Trump and conservatives are correct that the media can lean left, and often won’t own up to it. And they/we are often thin-skinned and sanctimonious about it too. That’s not to mention the fact that most of the public these days couldn’t really give a hoot about a wounded media.

So let’s say it. The media often has a liberal bias. Even Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times almost confessed as much:

We can debate whether the “corporate” news media is as left-leaning as critics claim. The answer, as I see it, is more than they’ll admit to themselves and less than conservatives claim.

Ok, agreed. But what should resonate with anyone is that its dumb and wrong and nutty to claim that a media that has feasted on Clinton scandal stories for decades, is now somehow only reporting on these Trump allegations because the lead conspirators instructed them/us to do so.

As someone who covered the Bill Clinton sexual allegations, including the impeachment proceedings in the 90’s, I can assure you that my career was enhanced by being on the air so regularly during that time. We covered it, we are still covering it, but now it’s time for Trump, who portrays himself as a straight-talking man of the people, to stop whining, to stop pointing fingers at everyone else and to stop claiming the negative coverage is some political vendetta.

Yes, the media officially hates Donald Trump now, but this level of disgust doesn’t come from any policy position on torture or the Muslim ban/extreme vetting. No, this comes because he is just making stuff up. And the media, conservative and liberal, care about facts, particularly when some of the lies are now about us.

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This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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