‘You Can Find it On Grindr’: Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing at Trump’s Tweet About ‘EASY D’


trump-brody-intervieweditedAs he complained about the block on his executive orders again today, President Trump tweeted something that currently has Twitter aflutter with giggles and snickering.

Trump’s immigration-restrictions were blocked by a federal judge late last week, and a speech he gave earlier today suggests that the challenge to his controversial policy is still a sore spot for him. As Trump tends to do, the president decided to get back on the Twitter machine to complain:

While “EASY D” probably refers to an “easy decision” for his order to win its judicial appeal, the last two words of Trump’s tweet have already become a major point of mockery across the Twittersphere.

Some people were just bemused and came up with their own jokes:

Others thought Trump might’ve been trying to get in touch with his West Coast gangsta rap side:

And then, there were those who found Trump’s words to be weirdly sexual:

From our own Alex Griswold:

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