‘You Don’t Get to Tell Other People What Racism Is!’: MSNBC Panel Blows Up Over Sean Spicer


On MSNBC this morning, Chris Jansing assembled a panel to talk about the way Sean Spicer treated veteran journalist April Ryan yesterday. Recall that Ryan was among three women of color in politics and media who faced what appeared to be condescending interactions with white men. It even caused enough of a buzz that Hillary Clinton spoke about it in a speech last night.

Jansing played a clip of Spicer this morning telling Hugh Hewitt that his testy back-and-forth with Ryan had nothing to do with her race or gender.

Jason Johnson, one of the panelists on MSNBC this morning, responded, “I don’t believe him. I think it was offensive. I think it was inappropriate. I think it was racist. I think it was sexist.”

He went on to say that the treatment of people of color by the Trump administration has set the tone and enabled Spicer to treat Ryan as he did.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, said Spicer was “too feisty,” but hadn’t meant to be disrespectful.

“This is not racism,” Schlapp asserted.

Johnson, a black man, quickly told him, “You don’t get to tell other people what racism is!”

“You don’t either!” Schlapp shot back, causing Johnson to reply, “You don’t experience it!”

The argument then got so heated that we couldn’t really follow all of the words, but encourage you to watch above. When it all finished, Schlapp remained indignant and maintained that not everything is about race or gender.

“This is the exact kind of aggression and lack of respect that we’re talking about,” summed up Johnson.

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