‘You Don’t Look Peaceful At All:’ Beck Rips Oregon ‘Militia’s’ Peaceful Protest ‘Fantasy’

PicMonkey Collage - BeckAs the Oregon “Militia”continue with their fourth day of occupying a wildlife refuge in protest of the government, Glenn Beck said the group is living in a “fantasy world” if they think anyone finds them to be a peaceful demonstration.

While Beck acknowledged Ammon Bundy‘s gripes with the government and said he was an “eloquent speaker,” he said that Bundy’s group ruined their own narrative by carrying guns and threatening those who might try to interfere with them.

“What difference would it make if he said ‘look we are completely unarmed, but we need the American people to hear this,” Beck asked. “‘We don’t wish anyone harm, we have not taken anybody hostage, and we are not going to do any damage to this building. We just need people to listen to us.'”

Beck pointed out that, with the group’s conduct creating created friction with the community and their mis-matched messages, “you don’t look peaceful at all.”

“If you really think that you’re going to get people on your side at this point by pulling out a gun, you’re living in a fantasy world,” Beck said. “If that were true, then everybody in America would love the Palestinians. They would love Al Qaeda because they feel they have a case, too.”

Watch above, via The Blaze.

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