Youtube Rewind 2018 on Pace to Become the Platform’s Most Disliked Video of All Time


It hasn’t even been a week since YouTube Rewind 2018 hit the Internet, and yet, it’s already well on its way to being the most despised video in the history of the site.

YouTube releases an annual Rewind video each year in order to salute their biggest content-creators and the most popular online crazes. The 2018 production has gotten more than 100 million views in the last five days, but it has drawn a terrible reception so far with 8.3 million “dislikes” compared to just 2.1 million “likes.”

To put that statistic into perspective, Justin Bieber‘s “Baby” is currently the most loathed YouTube video of all time with 9.7 million dislikes. The ratio for Bieber’s hit song isn’t nearly as bad as the 2018 Rewind, however, since the music video has drawn over two billion views over the last eight years, and the like/dislike split is much more even with 10 million “likes” to 9.7 million “dislikes.”

If one looks at the Rewind’s comments section as of this writing, they will certainly notice that people are getting thousands of “likes” for their criticisms of the video and of YouTube as a whole. Various online content junkies have already taken notice of the phenomenon, with numerous think-pieces being written about all the reasons why things are going so badly for the video-sharing website.

The BBC noted that some of the dislike stems from the fact that the Rewind didn’t involve some of YouTube’s biggest stars, including PewDiePie and Logan Paul. Both figures were embroiled in scandal throughout 2018, so their exclusion has prompted conversations about YouTube’s relationship with them, and whether the website properly handled their controversies.

Other criticisms for the Rewind include its cringeworthy setups, YouTube’s lack of recognition for big 2018 online moments, and the website’s disconnect with their audience and major contributors.

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