You’ve Got Pepperoni On Your Junk: TSA Recruits Airport Security With Pizza Box Ads

Ever wonder where the TSA gets all these intrusive patter-downers from, especially since Craigslist shut down its Erotic Services section? Clues are beginning to emerge—hot, tasty clues. It seems that the Department of Homeland Security has been recruiting TSA agents by placing help wanted ads on (wait for it) pizza boxes.

The classified ad was printed on D.C.-area pizza boxes and urged the hungry unemployed to “apply online today” for a chance to play a “vital role for Homeland Security.” The Consumerist found the ad back in July, a simpler time in the world of commercial aviation. But the image is now experiencing a revival, inspiring a new batch of questions. Wonkette jokes that “if you can figure out how to order a pizza and then get the pizza out of the box and into your gut, then you’ve got all the mental skills necessary to be a TSA groper,” while Village Voice‘s Running Scared blog wants to track down and interrogate any security officers who’ve been hired via pizza box.

The Consumerist’s pre-Junkgate concern was whether the ad, which promises federal benefits and paid training, was an “embarrassing method of reaching potential hires.” The answer is probably “Yes. Yes, it is embarrassing.”

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