Fox Business: Ignore CBS and ABC Reporting on Trump Whistleblower Because They Fired Epstein ‘Whistleblower’


A Fox Business segment trotted out an argument about the ABC News leaker that has gained some traction amongst commentators: that the former network staffer is a whistleblower akin to President Donald Trump’s and should be protected by news organizations at all costs.

CBS News fired a staffer this week after it was informed by ABC that the person — a former ABC employee — was believed to have accessed the video of anchor Amy Robach that was leaked to conservative activist James O’Keefe and his website Project Veritas. The video showed Robach complaining that her story on late sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein was ready to air three years ago, but was quashed by the network.

On Fox Business Friday morning, contributor and Wall Street Journal editorial page assistant editor James Freeman warned of grand hypocrisy. He had written an op-ed in the Journal about this, and used the news to undermine the allegations of corruption against Trump.

“You don’t need to take seriously anymore when ABC and CBS do another story worshiping the alleged federal whistleblower, pretending that there’s some sacred right to remain anonymous while criticizing the president,” Freeman said. “Because we’re seeing how they treat a whistleblower in their midst. This is an employee who didn’t like what was happening at ABC, didn’t like that they took so long to tell the Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse story.”

First off, there are obvious differences between the Trump whistleblower and the former ABC News staffer. Government whistleblowers go through an institutional channel to call out and stop wrongdoing. In exchange, they are afforded legal protections. News outlets — including Fox — have opted to not report on the identity of the whistleblower.

The ABC News staffer allegedly leaked a damaging clip about the network to a partisan organization whose raison d’être is to undermine the mainstream media. While an ABC News anchor calling out their own network for allegedly quashing a story of abuse because of external pressure is newsworthy, it had been reported previously.

“Big pressure inside the organization to figure out this person’s identity,” Freeman continued. “Does this sound familiar? … CBS has not been harmed by this but, doing a solid for ABC or maybe just to make it clear that whistleblowers are not welcome in their organization, they have fired this employee.”

“That is so wrong,” Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo said. “CBS was not hurt by this in any way. The employee was there when Amy Robach said it at ABC. Then she went to CBS and she gets fired because ABC tells CBS, ‘Oh, the person who leaked this works for you now.'”

Of course CBS News fired the leaker. It would be insane not to. The mission statement of Project Veritas is to plant moles inside news organizations to film compromising videos of their staffers, leak them and expose bias in the mainstream media. The idea that CBS should allow a staffer that worked with Project Veritas to continue working in its newsroom is so profoundly inane, it makes you wonder whether our Fox Business panel is being deliberately obtuse.

“I think it’s reasonable, businesses can set terms on employment,” Freeman said, pointing out the obvious, “but these are the organizations who have run literally hundreds of stories in the last 50 days since this whistleblower story broke.”

If James Freeman and Maria Bartiromo feel so bad for the ABC News leaker, they should invite them to come work at Fox Business.

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