Watch Fox & Friends Desperately Try to Wrap Up Rudy Giuliani’s Hot Mess of an Interview: ‘We’re Done!’


Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning, giving his second live television interview since his associate Lev Parnas revealed stunning details on their dealings with Ukraine regarding former Vice President Joe Biden — at the purported behest of President Donald Trump.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the co-hosts of the president’s favorite cable news program failed to ask any direct questions about Parnas’ allegations to Giuliani, who delivered a full-on bonkers interview that was, nevertheless, compelling to watch.

In the event that anyone thought Giuliani would not return to his signature “hot mess” form of late, the former New York Mayor delivered his trademark performative and wildly confusing conspiracy theories without offering any evidence to support the claims of deep, DEEP corruption involving Ukraine and the Biden’s. Giuliani did promise to deliver evidence later in the day on Friday, and in the coming days and weeks deliver recorded testimony of those that will supposedly support his case.

While the interview was mostly a giant trainwreck that would take days for someone to fully digest, diagram, and present on a bulletin board straight from Always Sunny, co-host Brian Kilmeade deserves credit for sporadically challenging Giuliani during the interview.

At one point, the occasionally iconoclastic Kilmeade asked if Giuliani’s activities were truly helping defend Trump, to which Giuliani effectively said, “Of course, yes.” Kilmeade later asked if the State Department was fully looped into what he was doing in Ukraine, to which Giuliani replied, “When they moved the Ambassador out. And they never bothered to investigate the allegations that she interfered in four investigations.”

As Giuliani continued to prattle on in a manner straight from a hackneyed three-camera sitcom, the Fox News hosts very graciously tried, in vain, to get the former mayor to wrap it up. At one point co-host Steve Doocy chided (with his Kansas-bred smile) “We’re done!”

It was a compelling interview, though perhaps not for the reasons any of the parties intended.

Watch above via Fox News.

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