Erin Burnett Laments the ‘Sad’ Turn of Her Old CNBC Colleague Maria Bartiromo: ‘She Clearly Has Lost Her Way’


CNN anchor Erin Burnett appeared on the Thursday edition of The Axe Files with host David Axelrod. Burnett discussed her time at CNBC and admitted that she believes her former colleague and current Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, “has lost her way” when it comes to politics.

Burnett was shocked to see just how partisan Bartiromo has become over the years.

“I always thought her greatest strength was that she was a hard worker and I feel that she lost her way. Clearly, she’s lost her way,” she said. “I’m obviously not personally close to her, but I think it’s sad what has happened to be honest because she was a very hard worker.”

Earlier in the conversation, Axelrod had asked about the alleged ‘rivalry’ between the two anchors, saying, “did you feel as if you guys were competing, pitted in any way?”

Burnett replied, “we definitely were, and I don’t know, maybe as life goes on i’ll get more perspective on it, I think there is a desire out there for there to be a women versus women thing. I hope that that’s lessened over time, but when I was there that was certainly part of it.”

Burnett even brought up the infamous Vanity Fair article that highlighted their supposed rivalry, titled Who is Wall Street Queen B.?

“Vanity Fair did an article that was about me versus Maria and I was like ‘why would that be the article?’ There was a desire for that sort of narrative.”

Bartiromo has drawn criticism in recent days over a claim about the White House response to the conflict in Ukraine.

“Some people have told me … this administration does not see Putin as the enemy, they see him as a partner on many issues,” Bartiromo said Sunday on Fox News.

A Fox News spokesperson sent Mediaite a statement responding to the CNN host: “It’s sad and classless Erin Burnett would feel the need to launch an attack on anyone at FOX News this week.”

Listen above via The Axe Files.

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