Joy Behar Claims Republican Presidential Candidate Chris Christie Is ‘A Champion to the Left’


Joy Behar revealed the 2024 presidential candidates she would like to have appear on The View and discussed why she thinks Chris Christie is a “champion to the left.”

Behar sat down with The View’s executive producer Brian Teta to talk about the premiere of the show’s 27th season, co-host Whoopi Goldberg getting Covid, and the show’s outlook for election season on The View: Behind The Table podcast.

“The election is heating up now. We’re into it in a way that we haven’t been in the last two seasons. Who do you want to talk to coming up on this season? Who are you excited about having in there?” Teta asked.

“I want to talk to all those Republicans who were in that debate and I have questions for them,” Behar said. “I want to say to Chris Christie, ‘Sir, you have been a champion to the left right now because you have told the truth about Donald Trump.’

“So when they asked you, would you vote for him, why were you hesitant in raising your hand, why don’t you just raise your damn hand and say, I’m going to vote for him if that’s what you believe? That won’t please me, but that’s the truth. Then do it.”

She noted that all the other candidates excluding Asa Hutchinson raised their hands to say they would vote for Trump if he became the nominee.

“Even after we know that he has committed all these crimes, that he is an insurrectionist, that he is trying to overthrow this government, that he is doing something that no president has ever done before, that he’s the only president that has a mugshot, for Christ’s sakes. And yet they said they would vote for him. That is pathetic and really unacceptable. Unforgivable. And I want them on this show,” Behar said.

Listen above via The View: Behind The Table.

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