The Interview: James Hamblin of The Atlantic Explains Why The Summer Could Be ‘Wonderful’


James Hamblin

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James Hamblin writes about health for The Atlantic, hosts the podcast Social Distance, and lectures at the Yale School of Public Health.

His latest must-read piece for The Atlantic“A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer” — is a refreshingly optimistic look at what the season could be like if the United States manages to vaccinate its population.

While the piece paints a thrilling picture of potential normalcy in America, it comes with a rather large caveat: the pandemic is a global one, and it will take years, and a herculean effort, to conquer.

“What that will look like, and how long it will last, depends on how nations cooperate and coordinate—or fail to,” Hamblin writes. “Regardless of how quickly the immediate threat of viral illness subsides in the U.S., America’s choices in the coming weeks and months could mean the difference between a pandemic that ends this year and one that haunts everyone indefinitely.”

I called up James on Friday afternoon to discuss that piece, the specifics of what he thinks the summer will look like in America (clubs or no clubs?), whether he’s concerned about another wave between now and then, and what he makes of media coverage of the pandemic.

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