Benny Johnson Deletes Tweet Demanding ‘Ruling-Class’ Be Held Accountable For Coronavirus Failures


Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson deleted a Twitter post calling for the “ruling-class” to be held accountable for coronavirus failures, Monday.

In the since-deleted post, Johnson wrote, “One month ago the ‘experts’ told you: ‘Millions will die. We must shut down everything. We are all doomed.’ One week ago: ‘Maybe a few hundred thousand will die.’ Today: ‘Actually, nowhere even close to that.'”

“Who will hold our ruling-class accountable for these failures?” he questioned.

Johnson soon deleted the tweet after social media users pointed out that the Trump administration is in charge in the United States.

After being fired from BuzzFeed for plagiarism in 2015, Johnson climbed the Republican social media ladder as Charlie Kirk’s assistant.

Johnson still frequently finds himself at the center of theft accusations– most recently from rival conservative organization Young America’s Foundation, which accused Johnson of stealing its content and removing the watermarks.

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