Bill de Blasio Mocked for Invoking the Song ‘Imagine’ in Pollyanna Plea for Peace: ‘Imagine Him Resigning’


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was ridiculed on Wednesday for invoking John Lennon’s 1971 song Imagine amid civil unrest in the city and nationwide.

During a press conference, de Blasio said, “I don’t mean to make light of this, but I’m reminded of the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon.”

“We played it at my inauguration. I think everyone who hears that song in its fullness thinks about what about a world where people got along differently… About a world where we didn’t live with a lot of the restrictions that we live with now,” he continued. “But we’re not there yet.”

“We’re making a lot of progress, I truly believe,” de Blasio declared, adding, “I believe the protest movements themselves, the peaceful protest is the essence of how we make progress.”

Social media users soon ridiculed de Blasio’s Imagine reference, which is now seen by many as a cliched, out-of-touch track to invoke during times of hardship.

In March, actress Gal Gadot was mocked for a video of her and other celebrities — including Will Ferrell and Natalie Portman — singing the John Lennon song in response to the coronavirus pandemic

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