BREAKING: Biden Backs Trump’s Impeachment: He Has ‘Betrayed This Nation’


Former Vice President Joe Biden said for the first time on Wednesday that President Donald Trump must be impeached for his conduct throughout the Ukraine scandal.

Biden held a campaign event in New Hampshire where he hammered Trump for asking Ukraine and China to investigate him and his family for the president’s own benefit. Biden noted that Trump previously welcomed Russia’s interference with the 2016 election, and he slammed Trump’s actions as an “un-American” undermining of the political process.

“We believe Americans should decide American election, period.” Biden said. “But Donald Trump will do anything to get re-elected, including violating the most basic forms of democracy. It’s stunning, and it’s dangerous because it directly threatens our democracy.”

Biden went on to claim that Trump “has indicted himself by obstructing justice, refusing to comply with a congressional inquiry. He has already convicted himself.”

“Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation, and committed impeachable acts,” Biden said. “To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached…We all laughed when he said he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it. It’s no joke! He’s shooting holes in the Constitution and we cannot let him get away with it.”

Biden’s call for Trump’s impeachment appears to have gotten Trump’s attention, because the president just attacked his rival again.

UPDATE – 2:30 p.m. ET: Biden has a response to Trump.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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