HillTV’s Saagar Enjeti Claims ‘Death Knell’ for Kamala Harris, Accuses Her of ‘Groveling’ for Biden VP Slot


HillTV host Saagar Enjeti declared a “death knell” for Kamala Harris’ presidential run, and accused the California senator of “groveling” for a spot on former Vice President Joe Biden’s ticket in a rant that had a few glaring problems.

On Wednesday’s edition of HillTV’s Rising, Enjeti — who frequently praises Bernie Sanders but resists being called a supporter — lit into Senator Harris for a solid five minutes, pegging his prediction of doom for Harris on Senator Dianne Feinstein’s endorsement of VP Biden.

Enjeti began by saying “The ride is likely over for Kamala Harris,” and called the Feinstein endorsement “a death knell for the other California senator’s campaign.”

Problem: Senator Feinstein already effectively endorsed Biden back in January — weeks before Harris even announced — telling reporters “”My candidate would be Joe Biden,” and adding “I watched him as vice president. I’ve seen him operate. I’ve seen him perform and I think he brings a level of experience and seniority, which I think is really important.”

The endorsement certainly doesn’t hurt Biden, but if it were really a “death knell,” Harris could have thrown in the towel before she even got started.

Enjeti then attacked Harris as selling “neoliberalism dressed up as progressivism,” played a snippet of Tulsi Gabbard’s attacks on Harris at the debate, and slammed what he called the senator’s “recent groveling attempts to be Joe Biden’s vice president, when we were all concerned about Hunter Biden’s seat on a Ukrainian energy company’s board, she said we must leave Joe alone.”

“Neoliberal” is a thing that some progressives like to call anyone who isn’t Bernie Sanders, but Senator Harris is running on her own version of “Medicare for All” and is proposing a host of other progressive policies.

As for Gabbard’s attacks on Senator Harris, fact-checkers pointed out that many of them were false, misleading, or out-of-context.

And the “groveling” to which Enjeti refers was not actually groveling. Harris was asked about Biden’s handling of Donald Trump’s false attacks, to which she replied “You know, leave Joe Biden alone. That’s exactly what Donald Trump wants.”

It was later in that scrum that Harris was asked about Hunter Biden, and she responded “I am not going to get seduced into what Donald Trump is trying to get people to do,” adding “The fact is that he clearly has admitted that he elicited the help of a foreign leader to interfere in our elections, and that needs to be the focus.”

Biden may have been a collateral beneficiary of those remarks, but Harris’ point — consistent with her promise to “prosecute” the case against Trump — was to keep the focus on Trump’s misconduct, and not be baited into a discussion of debunked attacks.

Then, Enjeti criticized Harris for reportedly — without a direct quote — telling at least two different voters to learn to code, which he mocked as an out-of-touch echo of an anti-journalist meme.

Fair enough, if that’s what she said, but then Enjeti added that Harris’ advice was an example of “the myth of the job training program,” and cited several examples of  disruption, including people who “Lost your job as a coal miner, which is something you’ve done for generations in your family.”

And co-host Krystal Ball agreed with Enjeti, saying “If you’re a coal miner in West Virginia, or somebody who has worked around that industry and is dependent on the industry, somebody comes in and tells you they’re going to teach you to code, those jobs don’t exist in that area. And not everybody wants to move to New York or Washington, or even Pittsburgh.”

Someone should really tell that to neoliberal Bernie Sanders, whose Green New Deal plan includes “training for a different career path” and “relocation assistance.”

It’s true that Harris has struggled in the polls of late, but it’s early yet, the next debate is just a few days away, and the senator has yet to lay a glove on Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. A lot can change in one debate night.

Watch the clip above, via HillTV.

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