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CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Grills Trump on Coronavirus Mask Shortage: ‘How Is That Acceptable At All?’

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins grilled President Donald Trump on hospital shortages of medical masks during the coronavirus crisis Thursday, before asking, “How is that acceptable?”

“On coronavirus, speaking of shortage of supplies, the CDC has put out guidelines for hospitals that are dealing with a shortage of masks to use them beyond their shelf life, reuse them instead of getting new ones, and in a worst case scenario use a bandana instead of a mask,” declared Collins. “How is that acceptable at all?”

“Well I haven’t seen that but I will let Mike answer that question,” responded President Trump, before handing off the podium to Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence responded, “I’m happy to Mr. President. I can’t emphasize enough the incredible progress that was made with the passage of the legislation last night. The president had me go to Minnesota to meet with 3M that manufactures these N95 masks a few weeks ago and we learned of their production at that facility of 35 million masks a month.”

“Less than 5 million of those were qualified to be sold to hospitals, so the president worked with Republican and Democrat leadership. We’ve extended the liability protection so now that all the industrial masks that are manufactured as N95s are now available to hospitals, and we’re seeing a dramatic increase in production,” he revealed. “Honeywell alone is repurposing a factory that was destined for Mexico to produce another 120 million masks per year. 3M is increasing output to 420 million masks per year.”

“We really put a priority at the president’s direction on making sure those that are providing healthcare services to America have the protection to keep themselves and their families safe, and with the legislation last night, with the incredible response among these great private sector companies, and as we mentioned repeatedly with construction companies around America heeding the president’s call to donate their industrial masks to hospitals, it’s happening all over America,” Pence concluded. “We know we’ll meet that need.”

Watch above via the White House.

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