Fmr Watergate Prosecutor Compares Trump’s ‘All Alone’ Tweet to Nixon’s Last Days in Office


On Wednesday, former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman drew parallels between President Donald Trump‘s “all alone (poor me)” tweet and Richard Nixon‘s isolation in the very last days of his presidency.

“I wanted to talk to you because I deleted Twitter off my phone for the holidays,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes began.

He continued on: “But to the extent I was reading back in today the president’s sort of alone stewing in this kind of empty White House. When you read the inside accounts as Nixon’s presidency is going down the tubes and the sort of alienation, increasing isolation, he also was drinking a lot, which this president doesn’t do, I felt sort of a profound resonance.”

Hayes was referring to Trump’s “all alone” tweet from Christmas Eve. First Lady Melania Trump came back to the White House a few hours later.

Akerman agreed that there was, indeed, a similarity.

“Very much the same,” he replied, noting the comparison between the two. “Nixon really kept to himself. He wound up sitting in front of the fire and just kind of ruminating.”

He added in Nixon’s case, it was to the point “where his Secretary of Defense was so concerned that there was an alert to go out to not take any of Nixon’s orders if he were to ask them to basically release any of the ICBMs, the missiles against Russia.”

Akerman stressed though, in Trump’s case he has three cooperating witnesses who are very close to him: Michael Flynn, Rick Gates and Paul Manafort.

“I don’t think we ever had any witnesses in Watergate that were that close to Nixon,” Akerman then said.

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