Former Trump Spox Kayleigh McEnany Says Biden White House Can’t Just Call Everything a ‘Witch Hunt’


Fox News relied on former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s expertise during a takedown of Karine Jeanne-Pierre’s handling of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

The Outnumbered hosts played a clip of Jeanne-Pierre repeatedly saying the GOP had “no evidence” before walking out of the briefing room as a reporter continued to shout questions.

“I don’t know how you don’t go to the former White House press secretary sitting next to me after that!” said host Harris Faulkner, turning her attention to McEnany.

“She has a divergence strategy,” McEnany said of Jeanne-Pierre, continuing:

She can not have a divergence strategy from this point on. There is a formal impeachment inquiry into her boss. It is real, it’s legitimate. And it’s not going to carry the day by just repeating “no evidence,” “witch hunt.” Which, look President Donald Trump would say “witch hunt,” but with a litany of points of evidence underneath to prove it was, in fact, a witch hunt. She has to go deeper into that binder; those tabs need to get a little thicker, those impeachment tabs. Because the three sentences, the words given to her, are not enough. She’s going to have to go point-by-point.

Emily Compagno praised the reporter who demanded answers from Jeanne-Pierre as she left the briefing room.

“I applaud the press in that moment for representing the 61% of Americans who have legitimate questions,” Compagno said, “but who’s Karine Jeanne-Pierre representing in that moment, because the last I checked, the White House is supposed to be the servant of the people.

“So, if you came to the president and said, ‘over half of Americans want to know about this and have legitimate curiosity and questions about this, we demand accountability, sir.’ And then the White House press secretary just walks away? What kind of service is that, what kind of honor is that? It’s because she has zero training, and unfortunately she hasn’t learned from her predecessors, because she would learn a lot by looking at your clips,” Compagno said referring to McEnany.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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