Fox & Friends Takes a Shot at GOP Candidate in Debate Over Potential Biden Primary Challenger: ‘You Don’t Want a DeSantis Situation’


Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis caught a stray blow in a Tuesday morning Fox & Friends debate over whether Gavin Newsom or another prominent Democrat would be wise to challenge Joe Biden in 2024.

The discussion began with Brian Kilmeade asking why no one had the “guts” to seize the opportunity to wrestle the Democratic nomination away from Biden.

“In the past, Ronald Reagan ran. He wasn’t waiting for the party bosses to say, ‘Run, don’t run against Gerald Ford.’ Ted Kennedy ran. He wasn’t waiting for the party bosses to say ‘Don’t go against Jimmy Carter.’ Barack Obama ran. He didn’t say, ‘It’s Hillary Clinton’s turn,'” said Kilmeade. “Where’s the guts on the left? If it’s your time, you’re in your fifties, you’re in your sixties, you feel like you can do it. Get in there, get your designer shirts on, go in there and just start campaigning.”

Ainsley Earhardt chimed in to comment on the Democrats’ relatively thin bench of potential candidates and the group eventually agreed that Newsom was the best fit because he “looks the part.”

New co-host Lawrence Jones, however, expressed some doubt about prospects of a primary challenger to Biden.

“Brian, it’s a good point, but I think in his defense, you don’t want a DeSantis situation,” argued Jones, with whom Earhardt and Steve Doocy concurred.

“Everyone was saying, ‘Be the guy, let’s go do it.’ All these people, and then you tank in the polls,” continued Jones.

“And then God forbid you lose –” added Doocy.

“Then you’re done,” finished Earhardt.

Kilmeade refused to concede the point, observing that “Reagan lost to Ford, didn’t hurt him. Got eight years after that.”

“I would bring up something else,” he said. “The problem with Joe Biden is not just his policies, which are terrible. It is he is failing. He is physically not able to do it. And if you have a press conference and you go, ‘Listen, this is my time. I don’t feel as though this president, with 38% approval rating, has the wherewithal at 80 years old, let alone 86, to run the country. I want to go take on Donald Trump.'”

Watch above via Fox News.

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