Fox Hosts Mock Chris Hayes for Citing Data Showing ‘Historic Gains’ for Low-Income Workers


Fox News guest host Joey Jones and Fox Business host Bryan Brenberg mocked MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for accurately quoting from a Politico article about low-income workers.

On Tuesday, Hayes lauded some of President Joe Biden’s accomplishments and at one point cited Politico, which analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Labor. The publication published its findings on Monday.

Jones kicked off a segment on Wednesday’s Fox News Tonight by tellings viewers they were about to hear “unfiltered propaganda.” On-screen was an image of Hayes with hypnotic patterns for glasses lenses and the words “STATE TV.”

“Here’s MSNBC last night,” Jones said, teeing up Hayes:

We’re also seeing an economy that is truly delivering for working Americans at the bottom of the labor hierarchy for the first time in recent memory. This a pretty striking story. We have seen actual meaningful wage gains for the bottom portion of workers – even when you account for inflation. Now, whether that continues or not is anyone’s guess. But the trajectory is promising.

As Hayes spoke, the Politico article he was referencing appeared on screen.

“It’s not an SNL skit,” Jones reacted. “That was real.”

Jones then suggested the MSNBC host had said, “America has never been better.”

He then welcomed Brenberg to the show. The Fox Business host complained that Hayes failed to get anecdotal evidence to back up Politico’s findings. He did not mention that the Department of Labor data is based partly on surveys of workers in the U.S. economy.

“Here’s the problem,” Brenberg said. “He read a political article. He didn’t go talk to people who are living the reality right now. What’s happening for working Americans on the bottom – are they seeing wage gains? They are because we have a labor shortage in leisure and hospitality. They are seeing wage gains, but the problem is that they are getting hit hardest by inflation because when you’re at the bottom you can’t trade down. You don’t get to make those adjustments that the middle-class family can or an upper-middle-class family can.”

According to Politico’s analysis, “Inflation has eaten away pay raises for higher-earning Americans, but low-wage employees still gained.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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