GOP Senator Josh Hawley Calls for McConnell to Step Down: ‘Do I Think McConnell Should Be Leader? No.’


Count Senator Josh Hawley among senators who have lost faith in his fellow Republican Senator Mitch McConnell to continue to serve as Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell has suffered two moments where he appeared to freeze during press conferences, raising questions about the 81-year-old’s health and ability to continue serving as leader of the Senate GOP Caucus, primarily as many Republicans attack President Joe Biden for his age and cognitive ability as well.

“I don’t think you can have it both ways,” Hawley told the press assembled in the Capitol Hill hallways. “If you’re concerned about the president’s ability to do his job, and I am, and a lot of Republicans say they are, you have to be concerned when it’s someone from your own party. I mean, it can’t be sauce for the goose and not for the gander.”

“Do I think McConnell should be Leader? No. If you’re concerned about Biden’s ability to do his job, then you’ve got to be concerned when it’s somebody of your own party.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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