‘I Have Struggled With My Weight for 20 Years’: Chris Christie Hits Back at Trump’s Taunts


Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie hit back at former President Donald Trump’s weight jokes on Wednesday and opened up about his struggle with his weight.

After Trump posted an edited video that made it look as though Christie announced his campaign launch at an all-you-can-eat buffet on Tuesday, Christie responded, “Breaking news… I have struggled with my weight for 20 years. What I haven’t struggled with is my character. I’ll put that up against Donald Trump’s any day. If that’s the best he’s got, then he’s lost his fastball,” Christie wrote, comparing Trump to “a spoiled baby.”

In another Twitter post, Christie wrote, “At his advanced age, it is time to give up hope that Trump will ever grow up. We need a leader, not a child.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Christie was confronted with Trump’s video during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Trump, uh, last night, in response to you running, ran a rather mocking video on social media. There it is, it’s you…” said Tapper, as the edited video of Christie holding a plate of meat at a buffet played. “I guess he’s making fun of your weight, um, that’s his, that’s his response. What did you make of that?”

Christie responded, “When I saw it, Jake, it just renewed in my own mind what a child he is. He’s a baby.”

“Whenever you want to criticize him, in any way, that’s the way he responds,” Christie said, adding, “You and I are both lucky enough to be parents and if we had a child who conducted themselves like that, we’d send them to their room, not to the White House.”

Trump has made several jabs at Christie’s weight in recent weeks, along with Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, Fox News anchor John Roberts, and Newsmax.

Roberts issued an apology to Christie on Tuesday after he made a joke about the former governor being able to drink a lot of milkshake.

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