Fox’s John Roberts Apologizes For Joke About Chris Christie Guzzling Down Milkshakes: ‘I Deeply Regret It’


Fox News anchor John Roberts offered an on-air apology to Chris Christie over an off-color remark about the former New Jersey governor’s weight.

The remark came Tuesday while Roberts was anchoring an America Reports segment on Christie’s expected entry into the 2024 presidential race. As the panel discussed the impact Christie could have on the Republican primary, Roberts made a comment about Christie’s physical appearance and ability to chug down a milkshake:

We wonder about the net effect on the race, and to use a modification of a metaphor we were using on the panel earlier today. It’s like, you have two milkshakes, right. If the Republican Party is two milkshakes, and this one representing almost half the party — because that’s what the polling shows — has got one straw in it, and that’s Donald Trump’s straw.

And the other milkshake, which represents the non-Donald Trump part of the Republican Party, has how many straws in it now? And now we’re gonna have Chris Christie’s straw in there, and judging by Chris Christie’s physical stature, he could drink a lot the milkshake if he wanted to. But you’re not affecting the Donald Trump milkshake.

Gillian Turner was heard saying “ouch” during Roberts’ comment. In the next hour, Roberts apologized for his joke gone awry:

I just want to take a moment to address something, because I really do feel terrible about it. Earlier on the show, I was making an analogy to describe the Republican voter pool, and I made a comment that I meant to be light-hearted, but I immediately realized was hurtful toward Governor Chris Christie. I should not have said what I said. I deeply regret it and I sincerely apologize to the governor.

Watch above via Fox News.

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