Jake Tapper Snarks at Kayleigh McEnany With ‘Bye Felicia’ Tweet


CNN’s Jake Tapper invoked a ton of snark on Saturday as he smacked down an insult from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

As Joe Biden’s 2020 triumph over President Donald Trump grew increasingly likely over the course of election week, McEnany unleashed a tweet against “leftist partisan hacks” slamming top Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller.

“Stephen Miller is one of the most talented, intelligent & kindest people to work in President Donald Trump’s administration!” McEnany said. “The attacks on him are outrageous, unfounded & engendered by leftist partisan hacks who know how invaluable he is to the administration!”

This drew the attention of Tapper, who noted Miller’s instrumental role in Trump’s policy of separating immigrant families, plus Miller’s connection to the racist elements of Trump’s presidency. McEnany noticed that, and she decided to respond with mocking claims about the last time Tapper interviewed Miller.

Tapper went straight to the point with his response, telling McEnany “bye Felisha.”

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