Jeanine Pirro Says the ‘Deep State’ is About to Be Exposed: ‘This Will Be True Reality TV’


Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro exclaimed that the ‘Deep State’ is about to be exposed, citing recent comments from Attorney General Bill Barr about investigating the origins of the investigation into Russian election interference.

“We are not going quietly into the night. Grab your popcorn, Junior Mints or whatever makes you happy,” she said at the top of her open Saturday night.  “The real show is about to begin. This will be true reality TV. No scripts, no rehearsals, just a gang of criminals pointing fingers at each other to save their own hides. A version of true crime and reality show Survivor. The deep state exposed.”

“I told you more than a year ago, for the director James Comey was the head of his own crime family,” Pirro continued on. “He ran the upper echelon of the FBI like an organized criminal enterprise.”

Pirro accused former FBI director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe of being “leakers,” and trying to pass the blame onto other people.

Pirro also mentioned Barr’s appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the Russia probe, praising the appointment saying “indictments are his stock and trade.”

“The amazing part of all of this is that there is no more denying the existence of a Deep State,” Pirro said.

“All [of these people] compromised by their political agenda to destroy Donald Trump,” Pirro further opined while praising Barr for his comment hitting back at critics of his testimony to Congress.

Watch above, via Fox News

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