John Kirby Asked By Reporter if U.S. Government Believes There’s ‘Life Outside of Earth’ After UFO Hearing


National Security Council Coordinator and spokesman John Kirby was asked if the United States government believes there is life outside of earth on Wednesday’s press briefing.

To nobody’s surprise, Kirby didn’t have a definitive answer.

KIRBY: “I don’t have a position on that one way or the other to speak to today. What we believe is that there are unexplained aerial phenomena that have been cited and reported by pilots, Navy and Air Force. That these phenomena have, in some cases had an impact on our training ranges, on our pilot’s ability to fly, train, operate, and stay ready. That alone makes it a national security issue worth looking at.”

KIRBY: “We don’t know. We don’t have the answers about what these phenomena are. Otherwise, I guess we’d have a catchier name for it. Unexplained or unidentified aerial phenomenon doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s an honest assessment of what we think about this problem set. And so we’ll see where it goes.”

The question comes at the heels of the House Oversight Committee’s hearing about UFOs and UAPs on Wednesday where a whistleblower alleged that the government has been covering up the full extent of their knowledge on the objects.

Last Tuesday, Kirby admitted that the UFOs and UAPs have become a real problem, interfering with training of Navy and Air Force members.

KIRBY: “I mean, some of these phenomena we know have already had an impact on our training ranges for, you know, when pilots are out trying to do training in the air and they see these things, they’re not sure what they are and it can have an impact on their ability to perfect their skills. So it already had an impact here.”

Watch above via The White House on YouTube.

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