Univision’s Jorge Ramos Speaks Out After Being Detained in Venezuela: ‘They Don’t Want the World to See’


Real America with Jorge Ramos: Detained in Venezuela

#ATTENTION. Jorge Ramos shares what happened with the Univision team and him when they were detained after his interview with Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

Posted by Real America with Jorge Ramos on Monday, 25 February 2019

Univision’s Jorge Ramos spoke out on Facebook late Monday night after he and his team were briefly detained at the Miraflores Palace after Ramos asked questions Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro did not like.

Speaking from the hotel after his release, Ramos said in the posted video he asked Maduro if he could be called a “dictator.” Then, at the end of the interview, he said he showed a video of kids looking for food in the trash to the Venezuelan leader.

Maduro was not impressed and tried to close the iPad to avoid viewing the images.

Also in the Facebook video, Ramos explained that he and his team were separated after the interview was ended. He was forced into a room where they took his cell phone. The team was then detained for over two hours and still have not gotten their equipment back.

Speaking to Univision after his release, Ramos also said this about his experience: “He didn’t like the things we were asking, about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, the torture of political prisoners, about the humanitarian crisis that they are living.”

He added: “I told Nicolas Maduro that millions of Venezuelans and many governments in the world do not consider him a legitimate president and they consider him to be a dictator.”

“This is a violation of freedom of expression and a violation of human rights, a violation of all the principles of journalism,” Ramos also stressed. “They think the interview is theirs, and not ours. They are stealing our work.”

Ramos and his team plan to leave Venezuela on Tuesday. In the Facebook video, Ramos expressed doubt he would ever get his equipment or his interview materials back, noting “they don’t want the world to see.”

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