Video of Venezuelans Eating Out of a Garbage Truck Led Maduro to Walk Out of Jorge Ramos Interview


Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was detained by Venezuelan authorities on Monday after an interview with President Nicolas Maduro reportedly stormed out of what appeared to be a tough interview.

What caused Maduro to cut the interview short? It was footage that the Univision crew shot of Venezuelan citizens picking through refuse out of the back of a garbage truck and eating whatever they can find that is ostensibly potable. That footage was so offensive to Maduro that he stood up and left the interview.

In a Facebook video published after his release, Ramos revealed that he had asked Maduro if he could be called a “dictator.” Then, at the end of the interview, he said he showed a video of kids looking for food in the trash to the Venezuelan leader. Maduro was not impressed and tried to close the iPad to avoid viewing the images.

Also in the Facebook video, Ramos explained that he and his team were separated after the interview was ended. He was forced into a room where they took his cell phone. The team was then detained for over two hours and still have not gotten their equipment back.

The current civil strife and unrest in Venezuela has become both a humanitarian and diplomatic crisis, as the Trump administration has been publicly criticized the Maduro regime and has openly supported and recognized his political rival Juan Guaidó to replace him as Venezuelan leader.

The Maduro regime has been remarkably corrupt and this footage is certain to be viewed as evidence of the evils of socialism, though many reports suggest that the situation in the South American country is a much to do with corruption and not the economic system at play.

Watch above via Univision.

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