Katy Tur Destroys Jim Jordan in Bonkers Interview: Why are You Okay With the President Lying?


On Thursday, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) sat down with MSNBC’s Katy Tur to talk about the repeated lies coming out of the White House.

Things went south fast.

At one point, Jordan suggested that instead of focusing on the bad stuff like Paul Manafort‘s jailing and various Trump-ian lies, people should focus on all the good stuff going on in America.

“I want to focus more on what the president and why the Republican Party, including you, are okay with the president lying? That’s what I’m basically getting from this,” Tur snapped back.

Then after Jordan tried to downplay Manafort’s role in the Trump campaign, Tur said this: “I’m focused on all of the lies because the president walks outside or gets on Twitter every day and he lies.”

She then went for the kill.

“He lies! The Washington Post has been tracking it. Over 3,000 lies. Over 6 1/2 lies or misleading statements a day! How are you okay with the president not telling the truth so consistently, congressman?” Tur pressed.

Jordan tried to snap back with talk of an “FBI taking opposition research document” and a “secret court.”

Tur wasn’t having it.

“That was not — you can’t pull the wool over my head. That was documented from the evidence that we have seen and from the paperwork we have seen. Not the version the Republicans put out of that memo. That was actually in the document,” she pushed back.

The segment then descended into crosstalk and Jordan’s repeated attempts to interject Trump-ian talking points.

Finally, Tur brought it to a close.

“Again, this all started with a question by me asking you why you’re all okay with the president lying,” she told Jordan before heaving a huge sigh.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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