Kevin McCarthy Dodges Trump-Ukraine Question From CNN’s Manu Raju: ‘They’ve Always Wanted to Impeach’


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) dodged a question from CNN’s Manu Raju Thursday, on whether President Donald Trump was wrong to ask Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden.

He instead claimed that Democrats were planning to impeach the president from the day after his election.

After being asked by Raju whether it was “ever appropriate for a president to ask a foreign country to investigate a political rival,” McCarthy replied, “Let’s stick to the facts. The president asked a country to participate in a case that happened in 2016. That’s one hundred percent legal,” not mentioning Trump talking about Biden’s son in the call.

“That happens every day in America, dealing with another country. It is a case that the U.S. attorney had already opened,” he continued. “And every single time of every witness that the Democrats got to select and control, they were asked a question, the two best witnesses they had that they started this all with, ‘Can you name one article that he should be impeached upon?’ No one could say a word.”

“So why are we going through this nightmare? It goes back to the very first day after the election,” McCarthy claimed. “They had a goal, they wrote a timeline, and they had to change the basis and move it to Adam Schiff’s committee, and they’re sticking to that timeline. So the answer to your question, they’ve always wanted to impeach the president. Watch them at their words, watch them at their actions, watch what they have done.”

McCarthy concluded, “The most important part here is Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father, was concerned and warned us that this day could come. History will look back today and it will be a sad day. We hope that at any time, whoever has this power in this country, that they never repeat what Alexander warned us would come, and that this day will never happen again in America.”

Watch above via CNN.

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