Majority of Voters Think it is Unlikely That Joe Biden Will Finish His First Term: Rasmussen


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A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that more than half of the voters surveyed, and nearly half of the Democrats, believe Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate will serve as president before his four-year term is over, if he wins in November.

Of those surveyed, 59 percent considered it “Likely” that Biden’s running mate would be president before the end of his term and 39 percent believed it was “Very likely.”

Another 35 percent thought it was “Unlikely,” while only 14 percent thought it was “Not at all likely.”

When the voters were broken down by party affiliation, the poll showed that almost half of the Democrats surveyed — 49 percent, thought it was likely that Biden’s vice president would become president in the next four years. 73 percent of Republicans also thought it was likely while 57 percent of voters not affiliated with a major party considered it a likely possibility.

According to the survey analysis, although younger voters were more convinced that Biden would not finish his first term if elected president, the majority of voters in most of the demographic categories also believed it was likely his vice presidential pick would become president in the next four years.

Despite the projections of those surveyed, the same poll showed that only 23 percent of voters considered Biden’s choice of a running mate as “Very important” while 45 percent thought it was “Important.” In general, however, 76 percent of voters believe a candidate’s running mate is important to their vote, with 34 percent considering it “Very important.”

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