Mika Brzezinski Invokes David Hogg to Slam Ingraham on Migrant Children: ‘Don’t Bully Kids at Border’


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski called out Laura Ingraham on her apparent support for the Trump administration’s policy separating migrant kids from their families at the border on Saturday by pointing out she’s bullied kids before.

“Laura Ingraham-WOW-Your guest even disagrees w/you! You need 2 watch this. Pls don’t bully kids at border now.. disappointing!” Brzezinski tweeted out.

She then linked to a Mediaite article where Ingraham was quoted claiming that the facilities where the migrant kids were being kept away from their parents was not so bad.

“To describe what we are doing at our border, where people cross the border illegally or present themselves and say, ‘I want asylum,’ as ‘concentration camps’ is both, I think, dismissive in minimizing the Holocaust and it’s just wrong,” Ingraham began, downplaying concerns about the children.

Then she said this: “I mean, these kids have clean, nice facilities. They’re getting entertainment, recreation, tutoring, teachers, English classes. I mean, they get — they’re treated as well as we can treat them under the circumstances.”

While not mentioning him by name in her brief tweet, Brzezinski’s tweet was likely referencing the fact that Ingraham landed in hot water when she bullied Parkland survivor David Hogg for not getting into the school of his choice.

That tweet, which for some reason Ingraham never bothered to delete, prompted over 27 advertisers to flee her show back in April.

Watch Ingraham’s comments, via Fox News above.

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