MSNBC’s Ari Melber: House Democrats Must Accept that Mueller Did Not Find a Chargeable Election Conspiracy

MSNBC’s Ari Melber said on Sunday night that it is time for House Democrats to stand up and accept that Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not find a chargeable election conspiracy.

The comment came during an in-depth discussion of Attorney General William Barr‘s summary of Robert Mueller report and the issues — and politics — swirling around it.

“Some people want those charges because they just think they are true, they expected that there would be a chargeable conspiracy after hearing so much about Trump publicly asking for Russia’s help and his aides going to meetings,” Melber began. “Other people, let’s be real may just hope for charges that challenge the legitimacy of this very controversial president. Those motivations are not what guides our justice system.”

He then said this:

“We all know Trump era had been full of calls for certain people to stand up to their side or their base and to stand up and defend principles or facts of the American way. If you watch the news, if you watch political discussions, I am sure you have seen many of those conversations and often those calls are directed to Congressional Republicans and for good reason. Tonight some of those calls may apply to some Congressional Democrats who have every understandable right to want to focus on getting the Mueller report released…Democrats want to assert their constitutional role which is typically theirs, not Bill Barr’s to determine any potential obstruction. We’ve reported on that, too…Just as so many people called on Congressional Republicans to stand up on principles, this tonight and the days ahead are certainly a time for Congressional Democrats to stand up too and acknowledge Bob Mueller did not find a chargeable election conspiracy…The report which should come out and we’ll stay on, the report will not come out with surprising indictments for a later election conspiracy. That’s not going to happen according to what Mueller has submitted.”

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